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Sex Ed From Disney

Disney’s animated short film The Story of Menstruation is one of those fascinating cultural relics that makes you alternate between curious and confused. It’s really gender normative, but good on them for not telling girls to limit their activities while menstruating, I guess? Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

What Would Good Sex Ed Look Like?

This piece in the New York Times documents a one-of-a-kind sex education class for teenagers at a private Friends’ high school in Philadelphia. In contrast to classes that teach students that abstinence is the only viable option (having pre-marital sex apparently just might kill them) or that teach only a handful of basics about contraception, STIs, and pregnancy, the “Sexuality and Society” class creates a comfortable environment in which students are encouraged to ask anything and everything about sex. It’s a long but worthwhile read, so I’ll summarize a few main points. The article contains some historical tidbits about sex education in the U.S. (apparently in the 1970s and 1980s sex education wasn’t a politically divisive issue, and was almost universally taught in schools), in addition to ruminations about the current sad state of affairs. According to one estimate in the article, 70 percent of teenagers have had sex by their 19th birthday, which can have negative consequences if they are as woefully unprepared as a lackluster sex education curriculum (perhaps only spanning a few class lectures) might leave them. Continue Reading →

Sex Ed, Peer Education Style

Here I am, next to my friend Jenna, who is wearing a giant penis costume. I had worn said costume earlier, but I am so short that its scrotum was dragging on the ground. I imagined the awkwardness of taking the penis costume to a tailor to have it altered (Just a few inches off the shaft, please. Be careful not to damage the frenulum!) and pondered how few people ever think about shortening a penis of any sort. Better to ask my taller friend to wear it. Continue Reading →