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Men And Women, Sex Drives, And Misogyny

We are still trying to understand what differences, if any, exist between men’s and women’s sex drives, and how these differences might impact social differences. The problem gets trickier because it looks like social expectations impact how often men and women will report feeling aroused, as discussed in this Kinsey Confidential report. Researchers found that men reported thinking about sex quite often (though not as often as the “every 7 seconds” stereotype), while women reported thinking about sex pretty often too… but they might’ve under-reported because of social norms that are more permissive about men thinking about sex than women doing so. Why does this matter? Continue Reading →

Q&A: Can birth control lower your sex drive?

Help! Birth control is killing my sex drive.  What are my options? Though many women don’t have the experience of birth control dampening their libido, some do.  Hormonal birth control (such as the birth control pill, patch, shot and ring) all have the potential to dampen a woman’s sex drive. Fortunately, there are other options. Continue Reading →