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Benefits Of Seeing Your Body As Separate

I think and write a lot about mind-body dualism, and in the past I’ve made blog posts about how dualism affects Western ideas of gender and sexuality (see part one here and part two here). In general, I tend to agree with feminist scholars about how dualism is frequently a negative force in women’s lives: when we become conceptually affiliated with the body and not the mind, we become reduced to our bodies. When we act in ways associated with masculinity, we are reviled and punished. And so on. For these reasons, I was intrigued by Ragen’s post at Dances With Fat about seeing her body as separate – and how that became a good thing in her life. Continue Reading →

Gender Identity In Media Linked To Children’s Self Esteem

A recent study from Indiana University finds that watching television can lead to decreased self-confidence for African-American boys and girls as well as white girls, but apparently not for white boys. Perhaps this is because white males are so often depicted in positions of power and control, whereas black males are frequently shown to be criminals, while women overall are sexualized: the prize rather than the winner of the prize. On the one hand, it’s nice that more evidence exists demonstrating that everyday imagery affects us; on the other hand, TV’s not going to change unless there’s a good (i.e. financial) reason for it to. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →