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MSP Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #1: Lingerie or a Sexy Costume

Just because it’s still January doesn’t mean that it’s too early to begin thinking about or planning for Valentine’s Day – unless, of course, you are planning to ignore it in which case I would still love to hear your thoughts on these gift ideas: yay or nay? Though some feel that lingerie and costumes are overrated as gifts, there’s a reason that they remain on many people’s minds around Valentine’s day: namely, their link to romance, seduction and sexual expression. One of my favorite web sites for lingerie and sexy costumes is, a web site that features a broad range of lingerie/costumes in a wide range of sizes. Their styles flatter diverse figures and they don’t just ”dress” women – men’s costumes are available for sale, too. Check out their Valentine-themed costumes on their web site. Continue Reading →