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Hold a Condom on With a Cockring

Having issues with condom slippage? Try using a stretchy cockring around the base of the condom to keep it on. I figured this one out on my own several years ago when I developed a latex allergy and had to use polyurethane condoms. Polyurethane condoms are less stretchy than latex so they make the condoms bigger than latex condoms which inevitably meant that if the guy I was with had an average sized penis or smaller the condom would slip off. Luckily polyisoprene condoms (the new non-latex condom) are much stretchier and don’t have this issue as often. Continue Reading →

Safer Sex Promotion For The Video Game Generation

The Leicestershire division of the UK’s Teen Pregnancy Partnership put out this wonderfully nerdy safer sex promotion video (below). Often, youth-targeted safer sex messages come off as condescending, preachy, or just plain silly (words ending in “z” anyone?). I think this organization hit the right note with this one. Enjoy, Robot Masters! Continue Reading →

A Quick Guide to Safe Girl-On-Girl Sex

It’s pretty easy to remember to be safe during penetrative sex with a male-bodied partner. No glove, no love, right? But things tend to get tricky when it comes to sex between two female-bodied partners. Since there’s no chance of pregnancy, people often forget that it’s just as easy to transmit STIs through oral/digital sex (or any transmission of bodily fluids) as it is to get something funky when you forget a condom. So, if you’re not a fan of finger condoms/dental dams, just refer to this lovely little image below! Continue Reading →

How to Have Sex: Instructions For…

“How to Fuck” by Mellissa McEwan may be the best instructions I’ve ever read for having sex. Generic, sure, but that’s part of what’s so amazing about them. This set of instructions leaves pleasure up to whoever is involved and assumes that you want to protect yourselves. There are no assumptions of what normal is and nor do I think the author even cares. Sex is fun and should be had for fun. Continue Reading →