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A Novel Take On Romance

Why We Need Romance Novels is a bold essay that situates romance novels within a sexist culture that more often than not punishes women for being sexually active or adventurous. The author argues that romances do not, overall, tend to subvert the existing paradigm, but rather, they do the important work of showing “a possible world within our paradigm, one in which women are able to seek sexual satisfaction with a trustworthy partner without fear.” Removing fear from exploring one’s sexuality tends to be a good thing, whether it happens through literature or better education. Thanks to @Teleidoplex for the link. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

Professor Writes Romance Novels… And Keeps Job

Perhaps reports of a high-school teacher receiving criticism for writing erotic novels and of a transgender professor denied tenure have made me cynical, but I was surprised to read about this professor who is “out” as a romance novelist and seems to be doing fine. Her colleagues all agree that the caliber of her scholarship speaks for itself. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who was somehow involved in thinking/writing about sex were treated with the same regard? Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →