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What Would You Choose: Making Rent or Having Sex?

I’ve been noticing a nasty strain of classism going around when it comes to discussions of sex, contraception, and reproduction. It goes something like this: if you can’t afford contraception, you shouldn’t be having sex, because you’d be an unfit parent due to your lack of money. Statements like this ignore the fact that money is not the only factor that determines whether you are a good parent (and in fact, there’s not really a good way to chart a correlation; rich people can be bad parents, poor people can be good parents, and vice versa and everything in between). Statements like this totally miss the fact – demonstrated by scientific research – that when given access to free birth control, impoverished women take advantage of it, and drastically reduce their number of unplanned pregnancies. Statements like this also miss the fact that having to pay for birth control can make a significant dent in your budget, especially if you are already working with a low income or you must shop around for a birth control option that works for you. Continue Reading →

What Is It With Walgreens Policing Women’s Sexual Health?

Planned Parenthood reports that a Walgreens pharmacist in Idaho refused to fill a prescription for Methergine, a medicine used to control uterine bleeding following childbirth, a miscarriage, or an abortion. The pharmacist asked the nurse calling to fill the prescription whether it was needed for post-abortion care, and when the nurse (citing patient confidentiality) refused to answer, the pharmacist hung up. As one blogger notes, this is an attempt to punish women who exercise their reproductive rights. Right on the heels of some Walgreens pharmacists refusing to sell Plan B to men, this is a punitive, disturbing way of policing women’s sexual and reproductive health. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →