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All Rape Is Corrective Rape

(Trigger-warning for discussion of sexual assault.)

While researching a blog post on anti-gay hate crimes such as corrective rape, I stumbled across this piece on corrective rape. The author’s main argument is that in our patriarchal society, all rape is corrective in that it is meant to “correct” women’s behavior when women step outside the lines of acceptable femininity:

Because any woman who exists outside of those proscribed, religious-gender roles, needs to be corrected. That way she will learn her place, but also serve as an example to other women in the vicinity, that if you want to benefit from the protection of the law, and society, you best toe their line. The message that rape sends is that you’d better behave within these narrow confines… or else. Continue Reading →

My Name is Strong: Raising Awareness About Gender-Based Violence Through Art

I was made aware of a creative new anti-violence initiative and awareness campaign called My Name Is Strong through a volunteer job. The description instantly caught my attention: “our commitment is to turn a single room into an overpowering exhibit of human strength.” My Name Is Strong aims to empower all individuals who have been impacted by gender-based violence through creative expression. The campaign isn’t just for survivors, but anyone who has been impacted by rape, harassment, sexual assault, etc. My Name Is Strong is based out of St Louis, Missouri and you can view submissions on their Facebook page. Continue Reading →

Does Storytelling Require Rape?

A friend linked me to this blog post (trigger warning) by author Seanan McGuire about whether she will ever write rape into any of her female characters’ stories. Her answer is no, she will not. And since she’s writing fantasy, her readers should be just as capable of suspending their belief that sexual violence is needed to move along a story as they are of accepting that magic exists in the worlds she writes. I hope that more writers and media-makers realize this: rape is not the only interesting or dramatic thing that can happen to a woman. Continue Reading →

In Order To Prevent Rape, You Must Talk About Sex

In light of the recent Steubenville rape trial, there has been a flurry of internet activity discussing rape culture, consent, and the role of social media. This is great, since the silence and shame surrounded sexual assault must be combated with open communication and social analysis. However, I’d like to make a precise point here: in order to prevent rape and sexual assault, we – ALL of us – must talk about sex. This Polyamorous Misanthrope post on teaching your sons about consent is a wonderful step in the right direction: it involves a clear, honest, direction conversation that defines consent and goes through a number of sample situations where consent might or might not be possible. The topic of that conversation is implicitly sex… Continue Reading →