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A Pearl Necklace of a Permanent Kind

I saw this piece from designer Leah Piepgras via Jezebel and was genuinely amused by the notion of it: a sterling silver representation of what semen looks like, adorning the neck? Kind of witty, I’d say. Piepgras describes the design on her site as “a visual marker of chaos turned perfection through an act of beauty and lust.” Continue Reading →

An Educational E-Card: Later in Life Lube

I am a huge fan of retro e-cards, especially the Anne Taintor-style retro cards that have been “re-written” for humorous purposes. So, I went looking for a card today for my father’s birthday and found HipsterCards.com (I know, don’t judge me, it just happened to be one of the first Google results, I swear!) and they had a variety of card types that fit the very aesthetic I was looking for: “Retro and Vintage,” a “Gallery of the Absurd,” even a section of velvet paintings turned e-cards. I found this one card, though, that was just as educational as it was funny: Continue Reading →

Kama Sutra…Snuggie Style!

Just in time for those cool weather months, authors Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison have released The Snuggie Sutra, a book of kama sutra positions re-conceived for the pop culture enthusiast (and, as Jezebel rightly points out, your average Urban Outfitters customer). The book incorporates the infomercial phenomenon into modernized Kama Sutra positions, designed for the snuggly bunny in all of us (or perhaps even the bit shy). Nevertheless, anything that encourages people to play, laugh and enjoy trying new sexual positions, all while staying warm in the process, is definitely good in my book! And maybe it’s fond memories of the getting stuck under that multicolored tent with my childhood crush, but I happen to love “The Parachute”: Continue Reading →

A Duke Grad’s Little Black Book Goes Public

In what probably started off as a well-planned inside joke, a recent graduate of Duke University emailed a Powerpoint (NSFW) entitled “An Education Beyond The Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics”. As these things go, her virtual “sex-list” went from being a joke between friends to a viral, public, internet phenomenon. Continue Reading →

Tingler Rings in the Ladies Room: How Enterprising

While stopping for a cup of coffee on a recent road trip, I came upon this fantastic sight. Not only does this (ladies’!) restroom vending machine sell condoms, but they also sell “glow-in-the-dark tingler” cock rings. This is fantastic to me, not only because cock rings are used to enhance pleasure and prolong sex, but also because I wouldn’t expect these goals to concern gas-station condom vending machine entrepreneurs. But my favorite part, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, was the bad Star Trek pun. [On a related note, last year Debby found and wrote about similar comparisons between vending machines in Edinburgh, Scotland that sold vibrating rings and vending machines in the US that sold menstrual pads and breath mints.]

Image by Kate McCombs

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Bookworm Lust And Ray Bradbury (NSFW video)

“Staying in to read” takes on a whole new meaning in this amusing and very sexed-up tribute to science fiction author Ray Bradbury. I appreciate the message that reading is sexy, and I’m intrigued by the singer’s use of book as masturbation tool. However, it seems like the video might be packaging geek culture in sexy mainstream drag, rather than affirming that bookworms and nerds can be sexy on their own terms.

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Introducing New MSP Blogger: Kiersten

Lovely to meet you!

Hi everyone! I’m Kiersten and I’m very
excited to add my voice to the MSP blogging team. I’m an insatiably curious nerd who happens to be fascinated with sex. There really isn’t much about it that isn’t interesting. I’m about to start my fourth year at the University of Chicago and in a desperate attempt to satisfy my curiosity I’m majoring in Gender Studies and minoring in Statistics. Continue Reading →