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Cheese or Oral Sex?

About two years ago, one of my friend’s roommates asked me “Which would you rather give up forever, cheese or oral sex?” (It really wasn’t as unusual of a situation as you might think). I thought that it was an interesting question then, and I have to say that I’m still really intrigued by it now. As a result of my sometimes insatiable curiosity I’ve started putting the question to many (though not all, I do occasionally have a sense of propriety) of the people I encounter. This single, fairly straightforward “would you rather” has spawned a good deal of discussion in many of my social circles including my immediate family. Continue Reading →

Unintentionally Sexually Suggestive Sign

I did a double take when I came across this while driving through Angels Camp, CA last year. Did that sign really say “Gloryhole Recreation Area,” or was it just my dirty mind? Soon enough, the car was erupting with laughter, so much so that I had to pull over and take a photo. I know “glory hole” can be a non-sexual boating term,  but as someone unfamiliar with nautical culture, I immediately thought “hole for an anonymous penis.” “Recreation” indeed. Continue Reading →

What to Wear for Your Next Period: Period Panties

Many women reserve their ratty granny panties for that time of the month in fear of ruining a perfectly good pair of panties. Plus, many of us don’t feel all that sexy especially during the first couple days when we’re bloated and crampy. Well there’s now a new type of panty out there just for that time of the month called Period Panties. Continue Reading →

Accidentally In The Erotic Books Section

Being sex positive certainly does make my life a little more interesting sometimes. I was killing some time in a book store the other day and ended up accidentally sitting near the erotica section (and yes, it was an accident, I’d freely admit it if I was there on purpose). I sat down by the fitness section because the café was completely full and it seemed like an out of the way place I could occupy for forty minutes. I didn’t realize that the fitness section was next to the erotica section until two teenage girls showed up and started reading titles and giggling excessively. They didn’t particularly seem to mind my presence, and basically acted as if I was not there at all. Continue Reading →

Pet Named After Famous Sex Researcher

The names people choose for their pets often reflect their personality or their interests. Some people (my best friend) name their cats after Star Wars characters. Others name their pets after their literary heroes. My wife named her cat Butch … But I’m a sex educator so you can imagine the route I took with my cat.  No, nothing dirty. Continue Reading →

How To Put On A Mediocre Sexuality Event: Sexpo Melbourne 2010

As I walked into the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, my hopes for the 2010 annual Sexpo were high. I saw lots of vanilla-looking over-50s and leather-clad 30-40-somethings, along with the scantily clad 20-somethings I was expecting. This apparent diversity was exciting! Perhaps Sexpo would be even more than I had hoped? Continue Reading →

New Blog: Festivus Porn

Festivus, made popular by TV show Seinfeld, is a holiday celebrated on December 23rd in which participants erect an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole, air their grievances, practice feats of strength (wrestling), and labeling easily explained events as Festivus Miracles. The idea is to get away from the whole commercialism thing. In order to get away from awful Christmas themed porn, the Festivus Porn (NSFW) blog was born. Continue Reading →

Take Your Costume From Trick-Or-Treating To The Bedroom

Halloween is a time to step outside the box and be someone you’d never normally be. If you’re taking the sexy route, why not invest in a costume that can also be used in the bedroom for role play? I’m all for reusing and recycling, and if Halloween inspires you to try something new in the bedroom, then I say go for it! Here’s a list of my favorite sexy costumes, and how to make them at home. Continue Reading →

Sex With a Snuggie? The Snuggie Sutra Shows You How

We all laughed when the ridiculous commercials advertising Snuggies (or as I see them, fleece bathrobes worn backwards) graced our televisions. But don’t lie, I know you were just a little bit curious as to what it was really like. Which is why you probably bought one. It’s okay, I’m a proud blue Snuggie-owner myself (though I do pride myself on the fact that it was a gift). Debby, however, got in on the trend early when she was gifted with a Slanket, as in a “blanket with sleeves”, well ahead of the curve. Continue Reading →