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Is There An Evolutionary Reason To Loving Big Butts?

Not a serious post at all (with no true answer), but this thread on Reddit made me giggle. As someone with “child rearing hips and a healthy store of body fat that can be used to nourish the developing offspring if food is scarce!” (thank you to StupidDogCoffee), this song has always resonated with me. Across different cultures and times, people tend to find those that look “healthy” most attractive. Of course, I have some friends that are more into bums, and others that are more into breasts (just for example).I’m luck as my kissing partner appreciate my more Kim Kardashian-esque back side (versus Kate Moss). Continue Reading →

Making Your Professor Blush?

I’m a little biased. I think that this is one of the best sites/blogs about sexuality. That said, there are still lots of other blogs I regularly enjoy reading, and Eden Cafe is one of them. A recent blog post from lunaKM called “A Little Too Revealing: How to Make a Professor Blush” caught my attention. I initially wondered what it would take to make me blush when I’m teaching (I teach Human Sexuality at a university), and I think very little would – and that alone made me keep reading. Continue Reading →

A Walk-In Uterus And Other Joys Of The Beijing Natural History Museum

After exploring some of Beijing’s more famous tourist hot spots (like the Great Wall), I decided to check out the Beijing Natural History Museum. Not only was the museum free, it had quite the collection of sex and reproduction-related exhibits. My favorite of which was a walk-in uterus. See the ovaries on either side? There’s even a little seat in there if you just want to hang out. Continue Reading →

S/M Making A Come Back

I’m sure many of you may have already heard Rihanna’s latest song “S&M” – but in case you haven’t (or in case you haven’t been able to check out the video) I thought I’d share the link to her latest piece. I heard the song a while back and now that the music video has come out, I can say - it is definitely not what I would have expected (but in a good way). I’ve always been a fan of Rihanna’s music as well as a fan of sadomasochism (or really any form of sexual expression); yet I think it’s so interesting how a pop star can make something trendy (especially when you consider how taboo S&M is to many people). The other night my roommates and I were sitting in our living room and one of them brought up the topic of Rihanna’s video – she just couldn’t believe how “out there” the video was. We then came to find out that this said roommate didn’t know what S&M stood for (so obviously it’s understandable why the video wouldn’t make much sense to her). Continue Reading →

Where In The World Is Penis Sandiego?

Okay, so this map isn’t quite going to lead you to the penis of your dreams or fantasies (or an elusive criminal penis wearing a red coat), but I found it entertaining. It is a map that allows you to see the average penis size of individuals all around the world. While this may not be incredibly helpful, I found the way the map was set up to be very neat – you can clearly see the average penis size for each country (you can also click on it to allow for easy viewing of size in inches, when the data was gathered, and who gathered it). While I don’t know how true the statement on the map is about how much funding goes into researching penis and breast enlargement methods (vs. Alzheimer’s), I do agree that there is a lot of unnecessary emphasis put on penis size (ironic, especially since I posted this map, huh?)

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Blog Humor

Within the past week or so, my Twitter feed has been overloaded with tweets pertaining to the crisis in Japan (which is clearly upsetting), tweets from friends who are partying because they are on spring break (which are clearly nonsensical/not legible), or tweets concerning Charlie Sheen – obviously then followed by his famous #winning/#losing trend he has initiated (which is clearly annoying). But today in the midst of all the chaos on my twitter feed,  a friend tweeted an image preceeded by the text “blogger sex…” So in case you’re having similar issues, or just need a good laugh, I thought I would share the image. And how appropriate, as I am indeed sharing this on a blog! Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter@mysexprofessor or make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

Searching For Sex Along The East Coast?

I recently stumbled upon an article on nymag.com and after I read the title, I was instantly sold: “New York Sex Heat Map: ‘The Deeper Into Brooklyn You Go, the Kinkier People Get’”. And let’s be honest, who could turn down a title that has ‘sex’ and ‘kinkier’ in the same line? Moving on past the ultra-catchy title, after reading the article, I thought I’d pass it along as a fun read for all the MSP viewers (especially those who may be taking a trip to New York in the near future… just kidding… or am I?)

Just a quick recap: the article discusses a map of New York which was generated by OkCupid, an online dating website that has over seven million monthly users (most which can be found in NY). Continue Reading →