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Fleshbot’s Best of Sex Advice Section: Guess Who?

For the second time in recent memory, Fleshbot has given a shout-out to my In&Out sex column (which appears in Time Out Chicago) in their Best of Sex Advice feature - this time, referencing a column in which a reader asked for information about improving sex quickies. Someone posted a comment on Fleshbot that said “if a person can’t have a quickie, then no advice column is going to help” but I disagree! Some folks – believe it or not – simply haven’t heard of lube, which can work wonders if you don’t have time to get all wet and slathery on your own. Other folks don’t keep condoms on hand or they try awkward positions or they think you must have intercourse in order to have a satisfying but quick sexual encounter. Not so – as I point out in TOC 135. Continue Reading →