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No Shave November

Hey guys, looking to show your support for prostate cancer? Well it may be easier to raise awareness than you think; in fact your solution may be right under your nose (literally). Say hello to MOVEMBER (mustache + November = MOVEMBER): the month in which men grow out their mustaches in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer. [Not a fan of the mustache? No worries, you can participate in ‘no shave November’ by growing out your beard. Continue Reading →

Women And Pubic Hair: To Bare It All Or Not?

For the past five or ten years, there’s been endless speculation about what women do with their pubic hair. Well – some speculation. After all, Hollywood paparazzi have captured, on film, the sometimes groomed, sometimes not-so-groomed, vulvas of various stars who apparently don’t wear underwear when they go out, and do step out of cars with their legs spread open. Continue Reading →

Vatooing (the Vagina Tattoo) Seems Bad For Intercourse Orgasms

On Jezebel this morning, I found this video about “vatooing” which the woman at the salon in the video describes as “literally a tattoo for your vagina.” As Jezebel’s Tracie points out, this makes no sense. After all, that the vagina is the inside part (the birth canal), the vulva is the outside part and the temporary tattoos they showed in the video are placed at the top of the mons pubis/lower abdomen area. I guess it’s just an attempt to steal some pageviews from the vajazzling folks (who were never bedazzling the vagina anyway, but the mons pubis part of the vulva). Can we get some vulva education please? Continue Reading →

Loving This Pubic Hair Conversation. Seriously. ran a post about our new study about the diverse pubic hair styles that women go with these days. I’m loving reading the comments section, in which (mostly young) women talk about what they do (or don’t) do with their pubic hair, how much they remove (if any), how they remove it (shaving, trimming, waxing) and why. Read the post and their comments on Continue Reading →

MSP Q&A: Trimming Pubic Hair

On Yahoo Questions, a young man asked how to approach his girlfriend – who he liked very much and didn’t want to offend – about shaving her pubic hair. This was my reply:

I have a different reaction to some of the other posters here. First, I’d like to mention that most girls and boys grow up – at least initially – feeling good about their bodies. It’s only later on when kids and adults start being critical of them, telling them how they should or shouldn’t look, and what’s “acceptable” or not in terms of how fat/thin, hairy/not hairy, etc. they should be that people start to doubt or even hate their bodies. Continue Reading →