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A ‘Must-See’ Film: The Education Of Shelby Knox

Talk about a movie that will make your head spin… I recently watched the film, The Education Of Shelby Knox: Sex, Lies, and Education and if sexual education is something you fancy, I highly recommend that you check this out. The 2005 documentary (directed and produced by Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt) focuses on Shelby Knox – a teenage girl who joins a campaign for implementing comprehensive sex education in the high schools of her hometown (Lubbock, Texas). Continue Reading →

Pregnancy and Sex: Sex Positions, Safer Sex and More

On today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, I – along with two smart, engaging and fun ob/gyns, Dr. Shieva Ghofrani and Dr. Afriye Emerson – discussed myths and facts related to pregnancy. Being a sex researcher and educator, I focused on debunking common sex myths related to conception and pregnancy and provided tips for enjoyable sex during pregnancy. Tune into Tyra’s show for all the details! In addition to the information I provided on-air, here are 5 facts to know about sex, conception and pregnancy:

1. There is no one sex position that is a sure-fire way to conceive. Continue Reading →

Next Week On Tyra: Me, Married Virgins, and Pregnancy and Sex

Next week you can find me on The Tyra Banks Show – On Tuesday, check out the “Married Virgins” episode (about couples who are unable to have intercourse) and on Wednesday check out the episode titled “All The Things Your Mama Never Told You: Pregnancy Edition”, on which I provide tips related to sex, conception and pregnancy. (Yes, that is me pictured above holding the sex position dolls). Check out the preview videos on Tyra’s web site. If you’re up for a trip down memory lane, check out my appearance on the Tyra Show from last year when we discussed the parts of the vulva using my treasured Wondrous Vulva Puppet (click here for more info or click here to watch the puppet clip on YouTube; it remains one of the most-viewed Tyra video clips ever. Yay for vulva love!). Continue Reading →

Pre-cum and Pregnancy: What You Must Know

Many men and women wonder whether pre-ejaculate (commonly known as pre-cum) can cause pregnancy if a man’s pre-ejaculate gets near or inside a woman’s vagina during sex without a condom. The answer? Usually not but, in some cases, maybe. Here’s why:

1. Pre-ejaculate is composed of fluid made by the Cowper glands, two small glands inside the body toward the base of a man’s penis (and possibly some other small glands contribute to this fluid, too). Continue Reading →

Birth Control Pill Myths: It’s Hard to Get Pregnant After You Stop Taking the Pill

Having taught human sexuality classes for years and having worked in health clinics, I have been asked many times whether it’s harder to get pregnant after a woman stops taking the birth control pill. The idea that it’s harder for a woman to get pregnant after stopping the birth control pill is a myth. The hormones that are in birth control pills leave a woman’s body soon after she stops taking them, and it is possible for her to become pregnant within the month after she stops taking hormonal birth control. A woman’s fertility is not affected be having taken the pill in the past. That said, you may sometimes hear about doctors advising women to “wait a few months” to actively try to get pregnant after stopping the birth control pill. Continue Reading →

MSP Sex Q&A: Sex after childbirth

Question: I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy and I’ve got to say – I’ve read so many different things on the internet about how sex changes after having a baby. I don’t know what to believe anymore! What’s really happens to a woman’s sex life after childbirth? Answer: There’s no doubt that having a baby affects a couple’s sexual life – but having a baby (e.g., dealing with fatigue, stress, sleepless nights, and seeing oneself as a parent rather than a sexual being) is different than actually giving birth (not that I need to tell you that!) and so the sex issues are different too. It seems that your main curiosity relates to the extent that pregnancy and childbirth might impact a woman’s body rather than the effects of living with a baby, so let’s turn to the former. Continue Reading →

MSP Q&A: Can a woman get pregnant from a man’s pre-ejaculate (pre-cum)?

Not long ago, I noticed that a young woman had asked a question on Yahoo Questions about her risk of pregnancy from a situation in which she had fooled around with her boyfriend and was worried that she had gotten pregnant from his pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) as he had briefly put his penis inside her vagina without a condom. Even though she took Plan B (a form of emergency contraception, also called the morning after pill) about 19 hours following unprotected sex, she was still feeling very anxious and worried about her risk of pregnancy. This is what I said in my response:

It would be HIGHLY unlikely that you would get pregnant from this sexual encounter with your boyfriend for several reasons:

1. A woman actually does NOT have the same chance of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate as she does from ejaculate; in fact, research studies have shown that there are very rarely any sperm at all in pre-ejaculate. Is it *possible* to get pregnant from a man’s pre-ejaculate? Continue Reading →