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How Do We Discuss The Effects Of Porn On Men Without A Control Group?

This 2009 report, while not new, is certainly fascinating: researchers find that all men watch porn. The original aim of the study was to compare the views of men in their 20s who hadn’t watched porn to those who did–but the researchers failed to find any men who hadn’t watched any porn. If so much importance is being placed on the notion of consequences or harm from watching porn, how can we even have this discussion without knowing what a pre-porn mentality resembles? Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist Continue Reading →

Lesbian Retro IXFF

The other night I attended Lesbo Retro Night as a part of the Good Vibrations’ Indie Erotic Film Fest (IXFF) and let me tell you, this porno girl was in porno heaven. The evening consisted of complimentary pizza and beer and a clip show from the fabulous Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano of S.I.R. Productions. We were treated to clips of lesbian porn made for and by lesbians starting in the 1970s and working up through 2001. Some was completely ridiculous and the audience laughed along with the filmmakers; some of it was panty dropping hot and the audience responded with cat calls. Continue Reading →

Has Pornography Heightened Or Hijacked Our Sexuality?

My father sent me a link to a public radio interview program, AirTalk, featuring Gail Dines and Shira Tarrant, feminists on opposing sides of the debate on whether pornography can be healthy or harmful toward our sexuality: “Has pornography heightened or hijacked our sexuality?” I think it’s worth a listen; the discussion touched on many thought-provoking points. For instance, are women who express skepticism about porn automatically labeled “prudes”? How do we discuss whether porn is harmful if we don’t have a good definition of “harm” in the first place? Continue Reading →

Porn Made By Women For Women

I found this post on Jezebel about what men and women look at when they watch porn and how it might not really be what you expect. It was an interesting post, for sure. However, what ended up being more interesting to me were the comments. There are apparently a lot of people who think that there is no porn out there for them. The comments consisted of people complaining about the ugly men, fake breasted women with too much makeup, and how lesbian porn especially is just the absolute worst. Continue Reading →

Possible Connections Between Poor Sex Education and Anti-Porn Views

Clarisse Thorn, sex-positive, pro-kink feminist blogger, recently wrote a post in which she suggested some intriguing connections between lack of good sex education and a tendency to condemn pornography. What really impressed me is that she not only cites studies on pornography, violence, and desire, but also writes from personal experience. She describes how she used to sympathize with anti-porn feminists based on the fact that she, too, felt threatened by porn in the past. I think Clarisse is spot-on about the links between sex education and acceptance, and I hope others are able to evaluate their views of “deviant” sexualities from a more open-minded perspective. What do you think? Continue Reading →

Vibrator Play, Genital Diversity, Pornland, Sex Toys For Moms & Online Ed

Some (mostly) sex things of note:

- The San Francisco Chronicle looks at sex toy gatherings for moms (and references our research team’s vibrator study)
- The Vibrator Play takes DC! I may check this out on an upcoming trip. – There’s an interesting-sounding Queering the Countryside conference to be held this Fall in Bloomington
- Lifehacker tells you how to get access to the best free university classes online (I’ve checked some of these out and particularly loved an anatomy lecture from a Berkeley professor)
- In one Ohio town, churchgoers and strippers stage counter-protests
- Christopher Walken moves out of his understudy role and guest hosts an NPR show
- The New View Campaign announces its upcoming day-long conference on genital diversity and female genital cosmetic surgery
- I learn what Amituofo means after someone Tweets it to me 
- Jezebel reports on a man who wanted to love Eat Pray Love, but you know… – Newsweek asks if porn has highjacked our sexuality? – A federal court reluctantly upholds a sex abuse conviction, as reported by the New York Times Continue Reading →

MSP Sex Q&A: Where can I find porn for couples or women?

Question: I’m one of those rare women who LIKES PORN! Now, uh, where can I find some (and please don’t say those sleazy adult bookstores crawling with men) that I can watch with my husband, or by myself when he’s traveling for work? Answer: Although few women have been raised with the sense that it’s okay for women to like porn, the fact is that some do. Some women like watching porn alone, such as to up their arousal or to ease orgasm during masturbation, and other women enjoy watching porn with a partner. One site,, is sort of a clearinghouse of woman-oriented porn sites and resources. Continue Reading →