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Kinsey Confidential podcast: Semen allergy

Yes, it is absolutely possible! One can be allergic – or hypersensitive – to a partner’s semen. Learn more about it by listening to our Kinsey Confidential podcast. The question was:
"When I have sex and my boyfriend ejaculates inside me, I get a bad burning feeling in my vagina. Assuming we’re STI-free, could I be allergic to his semen?"
And my response? Continue Reading →

Analingus and safer anal sex

In this episode of Kinsey Confidential, I respond to a listener’s question about performing analingus (also called "rim jobs") on and having anal sex with his girlfriend. You can listen to it here and learn more about our WFIU-produced Kinsey Confidential podcasts on the KC web site or NPR web site. [display_podcast] Continue Reading →

Non-lubricated condoms and bleeding after sex

Yikes! Vaginal cuts and tears from sex – especially non-lubricated sex – can hurt. Listen to this Kinsey Confidential podcast listener’s question about discomfort and post-sex bleeding, and my response, here. Check out the Kinsey Confidential or NPR site for more information about our podcasts, which are produced by an amazing team at WFIU at Indiana Univeristy. [display_podcast] Continue Reading →

Sex for 20 seconds: a pregnancy risk?

In this episode of our Kinsey Confidential podcast series, I respond to a guy who wanted to know whether his brief, 20 second intercourse episode with his girlfriend could put her at risk for pregnancy. Listen here and learn more on our Kinsey Confidential web site or the NPR KC podcast site. [display_podcast] Continue Reading →

My thoughts on virginity

Texas Tech University’s psychology department produces podcasts and a recent podcast was about virginity. Listen to the podcast (which includes clips from an interview with me) here. It was a phone interview, so it turned out a little fuzzy, but they did a very nice job stringing the clips and issues together. This particular group at TTU is doing important work by taking complex issues in the area of psychology and human experience and making podcasts about them. [display_podcast] Continue Reading →

Recent happenings

Whew! It’s been a busy few weeks and I apologize for not blogging more often. There has been quite a lot going on! I have had tons of flowers blooming, which has been a very good thing for me. I love warm weather and flowers and I really think spring is ready to burst onto the scene full time. Continue Reading →