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Podcast Interview About Women, Sex and Because It Feels Good

Recently I was interviewed for a Kinsey Institute audio podcast about women, sex, pleasure and my new book Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure & Satisfaction. Raina (the interviewer) was delightful to talk with – she even came all the way over to my office on a rainy day to interview me about these fun topics (well, I think sex and pleasure can be fun, anyway). You can listen to it here (select the one titled “Women and Pleasure” because it’s, um, about women and pleasure). Continue Reading →

Kinsey Confidential Podcast: Boyfriend’s orgasm takes a long time from oral sex

Often people expect women to be the ones who take a long time to orgasm when in fact some men find it takes them a long time to reach orgasm as well. Some men find it takes a while for them to orgasm during certain sexual behaviors (like intercourse or oral sex) but not others (like masturbation) but it varies and can occur across all sex acts or only during certain ones. Recently at Kinsey Confidential a listener asked us a question about her boyfriend taking a while to come during oral sex – you can listen to her question and my answer below. Find more of our podcasts on our Kinsey Confidential web site and become a Facebook "fan" of Kinsey Confidential too! Question: I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 6 months. Continue Reading →

Kinsey Confidential Podcast: Thinking about having sex with other men or women?

In our culture, most people agree to be monogamous with a partner, at least at some point in their lives. Most people probably do not have sex with other women or men besides their partner; but some do. Even of those that don’t look for sex outside of their monogamous relationship, many people still wonder about what it would be like to have sex with someone else. Have you ever wondered that? One listener who was thinking about what it would be like to be with other men wrote to us with a question about his dilemma – you can listen to his question (and my response) in this episode of our Kinsey Confidential podcasts (below). Continue Reading →

Kinsey Confidential podcasts… you won’t believe what’s coming up!

This afternoon I headed back into the studio to tape new Kinsey Confidential podcasts – 10 of them to be exact! And let me tell you, there are some truly fascinating Q&A coming up. Yes, some of the usual questions about orgasm, bleeding after sex, masturbation and more (but with interesting new twists) – and also some questions that I had never been asked before and was delighted to have the chance to answer. You’ll hear about vaginas, bath tubs, masturbation clubs, sex injuries and more… but only if you check out the podcasts in the coming weeks and months. Continue Reading →

Kinsey Confidential Podcast: Teaching Young Children About Sex

Many parents and caregivers have questions about how to teach children about sexuality – when to start, what words to use to describe to a boy’s penis and scrotum or a girl’s vagina or vulva. In this audio podcast, you can listen to a reader’s question about teaching children about sexuality – and my response. Kinsey Confidential podcasts are produced by WFIU, a public radio station at Indiana University, and distributed in partnership with National Public Radio. You can find more Kinsey Confidential podcast episodes on our web site or became a Fan of Kinsey Confidential on Facebook. As always, thanks for listening![display_podcast] Continue Reading →

Kinsey Confidential Podcast: Perineal Raphe (that line on a guy’s scrotum)

Recently at Kinsey Confidential, we received a question from a man about that line that looks like a "seam" on a guy’s genitals. If you’ve ever wondered what that is, now is your chance to find out all about the perineal raphe and other raphes on our bodies. You can listen to the audipodcast of the man’s question – and my answer – below. To learn more about our Kinsey Confidential podcasts or to find other episodes (we have many!) please visit our Kinsey Confidential web site.  
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Kinsey Confidential podcast: Am I gay?

Sexual orientation remains a controversial and emotionally charged issue for some women and men in the United States, as well as in other countries around the world. In part this is fueled by misunderstandings about sexual orientation and people who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. In addition, a person’s sexual orientation and how it develops and unfolds throughout life remain a bit mysterious to researchers – we have many questions still left to answer in our quest to understand how people come to feel sexually attracted to or interested in people of their same sex, another sex, or not interested sexually in anyone at all. Recently a listener asked us this question at Kinsey Confidential:
I’m attracted to both men and women, but slightly more to men. I masturbate to both, but more recently mostly to men. Continue Reading →

Kinsey Confidential podcast: Can a vagina get bigger? Looser? Can it change size?

This was a particularly interesting question, in my opinion, that we received at Kinsey Confidential. In situations where women and men haven’t learned a lot about their bodies, they sometimes make assumptions about what something "means". We all do this! We try to make sense of reasons why we have pimples, why our noses run, why our hair turns gray earlier than we hoped it would, and such. In the case of genitals, our culture carries a lot of shame around sexuality and sometimes people make assumptions about normal genital function, thinking that it means something other than it does. Continue Reading →

Kinsey Confidential podcast: sex and menstrual cramps

Many people have questions about sex and how it relates to a woman’s period, including her menstrual cramps (not all women have bothersome menstrual cramps, but many do). Recently at Kinsey Confidential, we received this question from a listener:
Can sexual intercourse help to alleviate menstrual cramps? You can listen to our response on our Kinsey Confidential podcast, created in partnership with WFIU at Indiana University and National Public Radio (NPR).  
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Kinsey Confidential podcast: Delaying Female Orgasm

Ever wondered about delaying – rather than speeding up – a woman’s orgasm? Well, recently at Kinsey Confidential, we received this question:
"My girlfriend achieves orgasm very quickly – within thirty seconds. Is it possible to delay her orgasm with pills or other techniques?"
Curious about my response? Listen to our podcast here:
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