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Need A Cure For PMS? Got Milk?

I recently came across an article in the New York Times which discussed a new advertising strategy that humorously plays off new studies which have shown that the calcium in milk can assist in reducing the symptoms of PMS.

The campaign is titled “Everything I Do is Wrong” and (according to the article) the “campaign takes the cheeky tack of addressing itself to the men in women’s lives, on the grounds that women are not the only ones affected by premenstrual syndrome.” Personally, I think it’s a clever way to get the word out about the new info. Every month – PMS ruins my mood for at least a week, so I’m all for the new campaign (as well as another way to ease the problems associated with PMS). Spread the word, drink some milk, get a good laugh, and stop PMS — everyone wins! Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter@mysexprofessor or make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →