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A Photo Gallery of Normal Breasts

What makes breasts normal–size, shape, nipple surface area? This (NSFW) gallery of normal breasts exists to affirm that there is a wide spectrum of normalcy when it comes to breasts. Many of the women who submitted pictures of their breasts also noted their cup size, age, and whether or not they’d had children, in addition to other details that I found really interesting (some women identified as athletic, or stated that they accepted their breasts now more than they used to). If every woman’s breasts are unique, it would make sense that every woman has a unique relationship with her breasts, and this site is a wonderful testament to the importance of accepting breasts as they are (not as they “should” be). Also, if you know a young woman who could benefit from seeing what normal young women’s breasts and other body parts commonly look like, consider buying her or recommending that she read the book Body Drama, by Nancy Redd. Continue Reading →