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Genitals In The Wild: “Snowmember”

What do the students at Indiana University do in their spare time during the winter? -Study? -Hit the gym? -Perhaps spend a majority of their day reading the MSP website?! Well it appears from the view off of my front porch, the students in Bloomington, IN decided to get in touch with their inner-child this winter by building a snowman. Continue Reading →

Sexy Fonts for the Penis and Vagina


When I was in high school, a boy in my class once delivered a typed note to my mailbox inviting me to watch a movie with him. Not only that, but he later admitted to spending more than an hour carefully choosing which font to use in his note – time that my best friend and I couldn’t imagine spending on selecting computer font. Of course, we were far too busy spending multiple hours dissecting every little thing that boys we liked (or didn’t like) said or did, including why someone would ever spend so much time choosing a font. And yet, font sometimes does matter. For reasons unknown to me, today I wondered which fonts were sexiest. Continue Reading →

What to do when his penis pops or breaks during sex

Sex Crisis #4: His Penis “Pops” During Sex

There you two are: enjoying a hot, sexy, vigorous, enthusiastic bout of sex – with you on top – when his penis slips out, hits hard against (rather than “in”) your body and you hear the dreaded “pop”. While not common, I hear from about 5-10 men each year who have had this happen to them and wonder what to do. Here’s how to proceed: Continue Reading →

Visanthe Shiancoe’s penis on Fox TV

Thanks to Tim for pointing out that Visanthe Shiancoe’s penis made an appearance on Fox TV after the Vikings-Lions game. The picture and video have been circulating around the internet and can be found on this web site. (A larger version of the photo is on this celebrity site). Apparently there was quite an uproar (by some) over the issue. And yet, it’s a grown man’s flaccid penis in a locker room. Continue Reading →