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Sex, Love, and Life Advice for Guys

I’m not a sex educator, but I am a sex geek and I love to talk about sex. There’s nothing like having a discussion with your mates in a pub, while the rest of the world moves around you and you’re discussing the latest thing you’ve learned, then some random walks past right at that part of the conversation and you get a weird look. So in response to Debby’s post about advice for women, I compiled a male set of advice that I thought could be helpful to MSP’s readers. 1. You have penis – learn to live with it. Continue Reading →

Does Penis Size Matter During Sex?

Sex Myth #4: In Sex, Penis Size Matters. In our culture, people frequently measure themselves and make comparisons with others. You may have found yourself comparing height, weight, number of pounds lost post-baby (and how quickly), dress size, running times, amount of money in the bank, mortgage rates, sales figures for the month, cholesterol levels and more. What don’t we compare? When it comes to sex, men – and those who love and lust after them – may discuss, dissect and compare penis size. Continue Reading →

MSP Q&A: When do boys hit puberty?

Every now and then I peruse Yahoo Questions to see if there are any questions pertaining to sexuality that are in need of a response. Recently, a 14 year old boy wrote in because he was wondering when he was going to go through puberty. He hadn’t grown taller or had a voice change, he said, though he had noticed a few stray pubic hairs. Basically, he wanted to know when boys hit puberty. Here was my response:

Puberty is a gradual process and different “markers” of puberty (e.g., growth spurt, voice deepening, pimples, pubic hair, underarm odor) happen at different times. Continue Reading →

This week’s TOC: how to give a woman an orgasm, penis size, vaginal bleeding, and quicker orgasms

Check out my weekly In&Out sex column in Time Out Chicago, where I talk about issues related to men’s penis size and its relation to women having orgasms, vaginal discharge from fingering, and how to get a woman to go from taking about 90 minutes to orgasm to just under five (or so). Read the column on TOC’s web site. Continue Reading →

Michael Phelps’ penis makes news (and Facebook)

The image below (that I grabbed from this site) is one that is often used to illustrate Phelps’ body proportions. However, I wonder if he finds it awkward to have his penis on display like that, or if he’s used to it by now? Certainly most of us will never have a similar experience of having one’s genitals displayed publicly, even if just in outline form. Just curious. In fact, I was so curious about the extent to which anyone else was discussing the penis that is the elephant in the room, that I took my curiosity to Google. Continue Reading →

MSP Sex Q&A: Can Pills Really Make My Penis Bigger?

Can pills really enlarge the penis? If not, is there anything that can? Answer:
No, we don’t have any scientific evidence to suggest that any pills, herbs, weights, or even surgery can safely and effectively enlarge a man’s penis – in spite of the various marketing messages you might come across. There just is not the evidence. Some companies go as far as to mislead men about the average penis size, which is about 5-6 inches of erect length. Continue Reading →