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Broken penis? (aka How does a man break his penis?)

Thanks to a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, more men are wondering about penile fracture (i.e., the possibility of breaking one’s penis) and whether it’s possible to have a “broken penis”. Though I’m sure many men would hope this condition was just an idea invented by TV producers, in fact it is definitely possible to injure one’s penis. When a man’s penis is erect, it becomes easier to break or injure than when it is soft (flaccid). Often penis injuries (penis breaks) occur during sex. What happens is this: a man may be having vigorous sex with his partner, in pretty much any position (such as missionary, woman on top, rear entry, etc – though woman on top seems to be a common one for this injury) and then as he’s thrusting in and out, at one point his penis may come all the way out of his partner and then instead of going back into his partner’s vagina or anus, it might instead hit hard against the outside of his partner’s body. Continue Reading →