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Six Things I Learned From Being a Birth Control Counselor

Like many sex educators I know, my very first sex ed gig was taking part in my undergrad university’s peer education program. Getting the training and the opportunity to deliver sex ed was a powerful experience for me and a real boost to my career as a sex educator (penis costume notwithstanding). One of the key responsibilities of being a peer educator was providing one-on-one sexual health counseling for students at the University’s health center – many of them young women wanting to start using birth control. Since the doctors and nurse practitioners at the health center had little time to spend with patients, my role was to educate the “clients” about their options beforehand. I had the time to ask questions about their lifestyle, sexual activities, preferences, and what would be convenient for them. Continue Reading →

Legalized Sex Work in Victoria, Australia

When I first arrived in Melbourne last January, one of the first things I did was take a tram to the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre. The MSHC is affiliated with the University of Melbourne and I knew I’d be taking many of my public health classes there. On my way there from the city center, very excited about exploring my new turf, I saw a maroon-colored, neon-lit building right down the street from the MSHC. “Is that a brothel?” I asked. Continue Reading →

Sex Ed, Peer Education Style

Here I am, next to my friend Jenna, who is wearing a giant penis costume. I had worn said costume earlier, but I am so short that its scrotum was dragging on the ground. I imagined the awkwardness of taking the penis costume to a tailor to have it altered (Just a few inches off the shaft, please. Be careful not to damage the frenulum!) and pondered how few people ever think about shortening a penis of any sort. Better to ask my taller friend to wear it. Continue Reading →