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Sex that lasts a long time (as in, all afternoon?)

Last week, I wrote about four types of sex that everyone might want to consider giving a try, beginning with a few tips about having Passionate Crazy Sex.  This week my focus is on Lazy Day in Bed Sex. Although lazy days in bed are perhaps easier to come by when you’re in college or grad school (after all, you’re not going to get fired or lose a pay check if you’re late to class or skip one altogether in favor of a romp in the sack), even adults with jobs and/or kids can spare an occasional day to relish in bed. It’s called a “Personal Day.” Why do I rank this type of sex so high? Because intimacy is important – and although setting aside 15 or 30 minutes for sex makes sense most of the year, every now and then we can all benefit from a reminder than while sex isn’t everything, it is indeed something special to many of us. Continue Reading →

How to have passionate, crazy sex (regardless of Granny Panties!)


It’s been said that there are certain types of men or women that everyone should date at least once in their lives. As someone who studies sex, I believe there are at least four types of sex that women and men who are interested in sex (which is most of us) should consider experiencing – even if just once. The first? Passionate Crazy Sex

This may be the most obvious, but it can also be one of the most fun. After all, by definition this type of sex is exhuberantly passionate. Continue Reading →