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The Sex-Positive Parent: An Interview with Founder Airial Clark

Airial Clark has an MA in Sexuality Studies and is the founder of The Sex-Positive Parent. She writes about the intersection of sex-positivity and parenting for multiple media outlets, teaches workshops for parents who have alternative sexualities, and offers one to one coaching for parents looking for sex-positive strategies and support. I first met Airial when we were both studying Anthropology at UC Berkeley. Who knew we’d both follow careers in sexuality education? When I learned about Airial’s amazing project, The Sex-Positive Parent, I couldn’t wait to share her inspiring message with the MSP community. Continue Reading →

Wii Dares What Kinect Won’t

In a previous post of mine, I conjectured that it would be a long time before we see a Rock Band type game looking at sex and sexual activity.  Well, I have been proven wrong! This article talks about the parents who are up in arms since a company released a sexy Truth or Dare game for the Nintendo Wii.  Check out the commercial – it seems like tame fun that could lead to other things! What do you about this?  Like Violet Blue, the NSFW bloggess that led me here, does this entice you to purchase and/or dust off the Wii?  Or perhaps something to use the Wii for now that your Wii Fit board is languishing unloved in the corner?  Or is this normal adult/teen antics for the virtual video game age? Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. You can also follow Craig VanKempen, the author of this post, @craigvk and make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #2: A Facebook Profile

Just because this blog is called doesn’t mean that it is only about sex – it’s also about love and relationships, including those with your own parents and family. If, like me, you’ve found that you largely share information about and pictures from your life on Facebook, then perhaps it’s time you set up a Facebook profile for your mom, dad, grandparent or favorite aunt/uncle with whom you wished you kept closer ties with. With their permission, offer to set up a Facebook profile – even if it’s an ultra-private one with no profile picture or personal information shown to anyone (some people, especially those with less experience with the Internet, may feel particularly hesitant about social networking sites). Benefits of this gift are that:

- It’s free! – It’s easy to set up. Continue Reading →