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Bleeding during or after intercourse: Vaginal tears and other problems

Sex Crisis #2: You Get a Sex Cut

Last week we explored what to do when a condom breaks during sex. This week, I want to make sure you know how to handle sex cuts (such as tears from vaginal sex or anal sex), as they happen to many women and men at one point or another. In case you’re wondering what the heck a sex cut is, it’s a cut or tear that happens during sex. Given that vaginal intercourse is one of the most common sex acts, it’s perhaps no surprise that many sex cuts occur during vaginal sex. However, they can also happen during anal sex, fingering (of the vagina or anus) or toy play. Continue Reading →

Next Week On Tyra: Me, Married Virgins, and Pregnancy and Sex

Next week you can find me on The Tyra Banks Show – On Tuesday, check out the “Married Virgins” episode (about couples who are unable to have intercourse) and on Wednesday check out the episode titled “All The Things Your Mama Never Told You: Pregnancy Edition”, on which I provide tips related to sex, conception and pregnancy. (Yes, that is me pictured above holding the sex position dolls). Check out the preview videos on Tyra’s web site. If you’re up for a trip down memory lane, check out my appearance on the Tyra Show from last year when we discussed the parts of the vulva using my treasured Wondrous Vulva Puppet (click here for more info or click here to watch the puppet clip on YouTube; it remains one of the most-viewed Tyra video clips ever. Yay for vulva love!). Continue Reading →

Why does sex hurt? Is it because I’m nervous about sex?

Well hi there. This is my first time writting to you, I’m only 15 and I have already had sex several times with my boyfriend. There are many questions that I would like to know about sex but at times I tend to get embarrased to ask my mother. She also doesnt know that I’ve had sex before. The last recent time that I’ve had sex I wanted to, but while it was happening I felt really nervous and it hurt. Continue Reading →

Why does my vagina hurt and burn after sex? What to do for vaginal burning and more.


When me and my boyfriend have sex after a while my vagina starts to hurt/burn. Why does this happen? Answer:
I’m so sorry that you’re hurting during what should otherwise be a super fun, pleasurable encounter with your boyfriend!!! There are several reasons why women might experience pain, discomfort or burning during or after sex. Sometimes discomfort or irritation is caused by lots of friction during sex – using a lubricant can help to reduce friction and make intercourse feel more comfortable and pleasurable. Continue Reading →