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Eric Holder looks like Stedman Graham

Is anyone else fooled by US Attorney General Eric Holder? Whenever I see him on the news or when I see photos of him on news web sites, my gut reaction is always “What’s Stedman doing on the news?” (given that he’s the more silent half of the Oprah-Stedman Power Couple) and then I remind myself that no, it’s not Stedman Graham, it’s his doppleganger. Am I the only one who thinks this? Case in point. Continue Reading →

Like the hair clips?

Recently I taped an episode of The Tyra Banks Show and thought some of you might be curious about the behind the scenes hair and make-up. You can’t quite see the details, but the fake eye  lashes were enormously long and there is an absolute ton of make-up on me (remember the before/after photos from the last episode I taped? If not, click here). It’s amazing what a talent and an art it is to be able to apply make-up in a way that looks great on TV (but looks way overdone in person). The above photo was taken a bit after having my hair curled and then clipped up. Continue Reading →

MSP Reader Survey

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been running MSP for more than a year now! Since MSP began, I’ve greatly enjoyed the small community that we’ve created together around issues related to sex and the way that different people experience it. When I wake up each morning and get online, I’m always delighted to read new comments and emails from MSP readers. Your participation keeps me going. This year, we’re hoping to expand the reach of MSP and to grow the number of people who are talking, thinking and learning about sex and relationships. Continue Reading →

Thoughts on our MSP site re-design?

We’ve recently launched our new site re-design which has been in the works for months. Some of you even helped by voting on which design to go with (it was a near-tie, actually). And we’re still working out a few kinks, so thanks for your patience. The design is by the lovely Christine Castro Hughes, of Darling Design; the banner illustration is by none other than the incomparable Rama Hughes; and the technical wiz – the man behind the curtain, so to speak – is Adam Schweigert. Thanks to everyone for helping to get us this far. Continue Reading →

Off Topic: Matzel Toff! Amazing.

Not too long ago, a friend from my high school days launched an (already) successful business venture called Matzel Toff! It’s a combination of matzah, chocolate and toffe – totally brilliant. Check out their web site to find out where you can buy some or order it online. YUM. You can also read about their business and scrumptious treats in this article. Continue Reading →

My mom just published a cookbook!

My mom just published her first cookbook, Appetizing Appetizers from The Florida Keys. I am incredibly proud of her accomplishment. She has always been known among friends and family as an excellent cook. She reads cookbooks as though they are novels and is always toying around with new recipes at home. She is also particularly astute at figuring out what is in a dish. Continue Reading →