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Introducing New MSP Blogger: Madeline Haller

Let me paint you a picture…

Date: 08-08-2010. Setting: Emmaus, PA. Scene: Monday morning at the Rodale offices’, clear skies, cool breeze, and the air smells of fresh cut grass. Little Hoosier-intern enters the office a little before 9a.m., says hi to her supervisor, heads off to her cubicle. Typical morning routine plays out: sets down purse, turns on computer, and takes a drink of coffee, checks e-mail.  To her surprise she finds an e-mail from Dr. Herbenick with fabulous news—an offer to join her blogging team! Let me take you to present day…

I have been waiting for this moment for quite sometime now, (49 days to be precise), so without further ado, here I go: Hi there, my name is Madeline Haller, and I am one of the new bloggers for MSP!!! Continue Reading →

The World’s Most Phallic Building – In My Backyard!

Marveling at the beauty of Kate’s vulva tree post, my Special Lady Friend thought I should share one of my favorite genitalia-flavored (yum?) landmarks.  Driving from Ann Arbor to neighboring Ypsilanti (home of Eastern Michigan University, a great teen health clinic, and one of the only beer gardens in the area), you encounter this majestic sight:

Voted “Most Phallic Building in the World” in 2003, the Ypsilanti water tower stands tall and proud, bisecting the highway in an almost-uncomfortable way.  It was erected (get it?) in 1890, and the penis jokes haven’t stopped since then. Continue Reading →

New Mattress Time: Westin Heavenly Bed or Sealy Ultra Plush Pillow Top?

Totally off-topic, but…. I’m a sucker for a good mattress and, let me tell you, I need a new one badly. My mattress is all sagging in the middle and our 30 pound dog likes to jump into bed late at night or in the morning and stretch herself out, which takes up some space. So, there’s some discussion about an upgrade. I’ve had my eye on a king-sized Heavenly bed. Continue Reading →

A Ginormous Thank You to GCSU’s Women’s Resource Center!

This past Friday, I had the distinct pleasure of being the keynote speaker at Georgia College & State University’s inaugural Women’s Sexual Health Symposium (my talk was about 10 Myths, Rumors & Misunderstandings about Sex). They had an incredible turnout  of at least 200 women and men – an attendance that would be enviable for such an event in its first – or even fiftieth – year running! The event was organized by the Women’s Resource Center, held in the most gorgeous space that used to be an old church, and featured speakers on a variety of topics including condom research (by my friend, former grad school office mate  & colleague Dr. Scott Butler, who is an Assistant Professor at GCSU), breast health and self-exams, sexual diversity, STIs and more. I was impressed with every single speaker and delighted to find such a smart, cohesive, energetic community of sexual health researchers, educators and activists at GCSU. Any school or community would be fortunate to have such a team. Continue Reading →

Guess Who Got Birthday Kisses?!?!

Last week it was my birthday! And, like last year, I spent some of my birth week with marine mammals – this time a lovely sea lion who is sadly blind in one eye and not really a suitable candidate for life in the wild. However, she is a suitable candidate for getting lots of fish for doing things like giving high fives, rolling over, swimming with people and practicing laying veeeeeerrrrry still on her tummy so that she can more easily get blood draws when her vet needs to do so. We went swimming with her in spite of the cold weather in Florida (we had to wear not one but TWO wet suits as the water was in the 50s) and at the end of it, I got a birthday kiss. I hope everyone had a great week. Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone’s winter and holiday season are going well. I’ve loved hearing from all of you wonderful MSP readers this year and look forward to what 2010 brings. Warmest wishes to each of you and to your families for health, happiness, love and a good experience of sex, whatever that may mean for you at this time. Best,

Debby Continue Reading →

The Sweetest Letter in Yesterday’s Inbox

As many of you know, I stay pretty busy between research, education and writing sex columns (for Velocity, Time Out Chicago, Men’s Health, Cheeky Chicago and Psychology Today) and my book. Sometimes even I look around and wonder how it all works out, but it does. And you want to know how? Because every now and then someone smart, articulate and passionate comes along who writes me a very wonderful note that reminds me how important it is for us all to keep learning, and talking openly, about sex. Here is my favorite note from this week from a young woman who most undoubtedly must be a star at her university: Continue Reading →

Fat Cats and Hot Sex

A friend sent me this picture of her big, wonderful, orange cat sitting on my book, Because It Feels Good in an email with the subject line “A 15 lb cat enjoys your new book”. My friend was sitting at her table reading it, got up to leave the room for a moment and when she returned he had taken over the world of sex, one page at a time. Adorable. (Thanks, J.)

Do you have a fun or quirky (not X-rated though) picture that involves Because It Feels Good? If so, send it to me please ( so that I can show the world. Continue Reading →