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Obama Endorsed Gay Marriage…So What?

This afternoon I received a phone call from my father in which he asked me, his voice oozing excitement, if I had heard what the president said. “Yeah, Obama endorsed gay marriage, right?” Apparently my nonchalance was apparent, as my dad wasn’t satisfied. “Well, what do you think?” Of course he asked me not only as his daughter, but as his queer, activist, blogging daughter, so I knew I had to give him a good answer. Continue Reading →

Newsweek dubs Obama babies “change you can conceive in”

Yes, that’s right. Newsweek went there… pretty quickly, in fact. In the November 2008 issue of Newsweek, they speculated as to whether:
- Barack Obama himself was an election night baby, as he was born almost 9 months to the day after JFK was elected president
- there will be a baby boom stemming from Obama’s election due to optimism and euphoria among those who voted for him
You can read the full article here. Continue Reading →