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Changing My Body Image

I’m not someone who hates the way that they look, but I can’t say that I love my body most days. I’m slowly getting better about it, and the main thing that changed was living with people who are immensely comfortable in their own bodies. My friends don’t have the so-called “perfect” bodies, but none of them seemed the slightest bit fazed by this. Further, they tend to be more comfortable wearing less. As someone who is rarely comfortable being minimally clothed or naked in front of others, it definitely took some getting used to living with people who truly live for less is more (at least when it comes to clothing). Continue Reading →

To Sauna Or Not To Sauna?

The sauna, or a heated room wherein one can sit and sweat for health and therapeutic purposes, has become well-known in Western health clubs and spas, though it originated in Baltic, Scandinavian, and Slavic cultures. Each region has local variations: some saunas are wet and humid while others are bone-dry; some feature bundles of birch branches that you can use to massage yourself; and in some places, attendees leap into icy lakes or roll around in the snow in order to stimulate blood flow between sessions in the heated room. This all sounds good, right? But would you enter a sauna with the opposite sex when everyone was nude? I did. Continue Reading →

Leaked: Lohan’s Playboy Cover

Quick poll:I’d love to know who is/is not in favor of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover. Online Screen Grab
Apparently the Lohan-cover debut was suppose to be next week, yet somehow the shot was leaked to the web nearly a week early. Typically I am not one to jump aboard the Lohan gossip train, but when I overheard people classifying her as “the modern day Darine Stern” – I simply had to put my foot down. Yes, back in the day when she was healthy (and preferably not a blond), I could definitely see how Lohan could be considered a knockout. But to put her (especially her in present day) in the same category as Darine Stern, the first African-American model to ever grace the front of the magazine, that just seems crazy. Continue Reading →

Visanthe Shiancoe’s penis on Fox TV

Thanks to Tim for pointing out that Visanthe Shiancoe’s penis made an appearance on Fox TV after the Vikings-Lions game. The picture and video have been circulating around the internet and can be found on this web site. (A larger version of the photo is on this celebrity site). Apparently there was quite an uproar (by some) over the issue. And yet, it’s a grown man’s flaccid penis in a locker room. Continue Reading →