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What’s Your Condom Size?

Scrolling through the web the other day, I came across Condomsizer, which claims to be the “#1 Condom Size Resource on the Web.” Now, I can’t speak to whether or not is is the #1 size resource on the web, but I do think it is an excellent resource for learning about which condoms will fit you like a glove. Playing around on the site, I realized that it is aimed at those in Europe, so I decided to search to see what is available for those in the US. The Condom Size Calculator, located on Condom Monologues, and the Condom Size app are both targeted to US users. Growing up, I heard that if someone says a condom doesn’t fit them, they’re lying. Continue Reading →

New Non-Latex Condom: Lifestyles SYKN Large

Until recently, larger-size condoms were only made out of latex, leaving the larger-than-average, latex-allergenic, safer-sex minded consumer out of luck. Ansell, the makers of Lifestyles SKYN condoms, has recently released a roomier polyisoprene version, the first ever larger-size non-latex condom. Polyisoprene has the advantage of being stretchy like latex (unlike the more traditional non-latex option, polyurethane) but is safe for people with latex allergies or sensitivities to use. For a relatively small (but large?) demographic, this product launch comes as big news. Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →