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A League of Their Own, MtF Trans Myths, Love Stories, CisGender, Neil Patrick Harris is Having a Baby, and more

Some things of note on the Interwebs:

- Jezebel appreciates A League of Their Own
- Alice in Genderland describes 7 myths about male-to-female transsexuals
- For readers who aren’t sure what our new MSP blogger Garnet meant about being a cis-woman (I got a couple of questions), Wiki to the rescue! As is (though perhaps this would be a great topic for a future post)
- A heartbreaking love story about an Atlanta area couple and what happened on, and shortly after, their wedding day
- Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are expecting twins, via surrogate, this Fall
- Various  media outlets report on women, men, money and cheating (not often in very nuanced ways as much else goes into hooking up with others aside from money)

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