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Introducing New MSP Blogger: Madeline Haller

Let me paint you a picture…

Date: 08-08-2010. Setting: Emmaus, PA. Scene: Monday morning at the Rodale offices’, clear skies, cool breeze, and the air smells of fresh cut grass. Little Hoosier-intern enters the office a little before 9a.m., says hi to her supervisor, heads off to her cubicle. Typical morning routine plays out: sets down purse, turns on computer, and takes a drink of coffee, checks e-mail.  To her surprise she finds an e-mail from Dr. Herbenick with fabulous news—an offer to join her blogging team! Let me take you to present day…

I have been waiting for this moment for quite sometime now, (49 days to be precise), so without further ado, here I go: Hi there, my name is Madeline Haller, and I am one of the new bloggers for MSP!!! Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Craig VanKempen

Hi all,

My name is Craig VanKempen and I’m happy to be a new blogger for!  I hope to add my perspective to this already fantastic site and continue to provide fun sex-positive information and resources for the MSP readership. A little bit about me:

I’m a cisgender straight male living in Ann Arbor, MI, currently in my last semester of a dual-degree graduate program.  I will graduate from the University of Michigan in December with a Masters in Social Work AND a Masters in Public Health (my friend inquired if that makes me a Grandmaster…hmmm…).  Afterwards, I hope to continue my work as a sex educator and, eventually, sex therapist around the Ann Arbor area. I’m interested in many different things about sex and relationships, but here are a few specifics: Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Michaela

Well hello there! My name is Michaela, and now that it’s all official, I’m very excited to say it: I am a new MSP Blogger! A little bit about my path as a sex-educator: I am currently a sophomore at a lovely women’s college in Massachusetts, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender Studies. Hopefully this particular cocktail of social sciences will propel me onto the career path that I’m bent on taking, which is becoming a sex therapist. I believe that sex education and sex therapy is absolutely my calling in life, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be on this path. Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Miss Maggie Mayhem

My name is Miss Maggie Mayhem and I’m one of the new bloggers joining this excellent community. When I started out my college career I had no idea how radically my life would change when I began volunteering as an HIV test counselor at a free and anonymous clinic. My course of study was literature and anthropology, but the more people I spoke to in the office, the more I wanted to know about human sexuality. Even though I never changed my majors, I certainly changed what I envisioned as a career. Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Jeana Jorgensen

Hi all! I’m Jeana (pronounced like Jean-a or Gina for the curious), and I’m thrilled to be part of the MSP blogging team. I’m a Ph.D. candidate in Folklore and Gender Studies at Indiana University, and I’m currently working on my dissertation on gender and the body in European fairy tales (don’t worry, you’ll hear a lot about it as I write the thing!). I got my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (with an emphasis on narrative folklore) at UC Berkeley. Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Kiersten

Lovely to meet you!

Hi everyone! I’m Kiersten and I’m very
excited to add my voice to the MSP blogging team. I’m an insatiably curious nerd who happens to be fascinated with sex. There really isn’t much about it that isn’t interesting. I’m about to start my fourth year at the University of Chicago and in a desperate attempt to satisfy my curiosity I’m majoring in Gender Studies and minoring in Statistics. Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Kate McCombs

Image courtesy of PJ McCombs

Hello, MySexProfessor community! My name is Kate and I’m truly excited to be part of this team. I’m a sex educator and all-around sex geek (and occasionally, just a geek). I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a sex educator for longer than I can remember. Since I was young, I have always found myself comfortable in this role – whether it was explaining to friends how to put in a tampon or explaining where the clitoris is located. Continue Reading →