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Only Post Pretty Pictures

My friend Jenny shared a story (ironically?) on Facebook that is all about how Facebook banned a mother’s photos, and later put the mother on a 24 hour ban from the site. I know many people who have had some rather heated discussions lately over the Timeline on Facebook, but this upsets me more. Sometimes life isn’t always sunshine and roses, and similarly that means that not every photo a person takes is going to show the “pretty” things. So Heather Walker’s son was born with Anencephaly (a defect that results in the child missing portions of the brain and skull)? One of the first things that parents do is take photos of their beautiful baby, and the Walker family was no different. Continue Reading →

Women Who Do Not Choose Motherhood

Is motherhood mandatory for personhood? It kinda looks that way, according to the Jezebel article When Motherhood Never Happens. Social pressure is one of the problems with this phenomenon. The author notes: “Women are flooded with mommy propaganda, whether it be celebrity-oriented Unsolicited Uterus Updates and ‘baby weight’ progress stories or Facebook feeds filled with ultrasounds, baby bumps, infant photos, toddler videos and report cards.” If you’re a woman, it’s hard to escape the prevalence of motherhood stories, images, and marketing campaigns. Continue Reading →