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MSP Q&A: How can I last long enough to satisfy my wife of 24 years?

Question: Is it possible for a man to learn to control his orgasm? After 24 years of marriage I am still not able to always satisfy my wife. This partially due to the fact that my wife does not like much foreplay or oral sex and we do not have take often anyway. She wants me to last long enough for her orgasm only which is not always possible for me. Since we only make love in the missionary position, changing positions is not an option. Continue Reading →

Vibrator Review #4: The We-Vibe Sex Toy for Couples

Whew! Yet another review of the We-Vibe. If you’ve tried the We-Vibe or any other sex toy you’d like to review, give me a holler at drdebby@mysexprofessor.com. Read previous reviews here. You can learn more about the We-Vibe from Babeland. Here’s the review from a (male) MSP reader:
The We Vibe is a very intriguing sex toy, due to its unique capabilities.  When I first heard of what it can do I was very "excited" to experiment with my girlfriend.  I found the We Vibe to be extremely satisfying, but only in certain positions.  I feel it is very limited in the amount of sex positions it can be used with. 
The two positions that work best for my girlfriend and I were Doggy style (Both standing Doggy style and on our knees) and the Standing Missionary position (I’m standing and my girlfriend at the edge of the bed or table).  The sensation of feeling a vibration while inside was very new, and very satisfying at the same time.  I also noticed that my girlfriend really liked when I pressed down on the outside portion of the We Vibe during the Standing Missionary position.  We have had the We Vibe for about 3 or 4 months now and really enjoy every time we use it.  We have never had an issues or problems, and it easy to clean.  Overall I would give the We Vibe 4 out 5 stars. Continue Reading →