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Even MORE overnight interest in Michael Phelps’ penis

As I posted yesterday, a lot of people are curious about 23 year old Michael Phelps’ penis. Maybe it’s because of the media attention around how Speedo apparently seems to have airbrushed his penis out of promo photos. Or maybe it is because NBC has described – in much detail - Michael Phelps’ large shoe size (size 14!) and hand size (like paddles!) making people wonder whether the rest of his body is as large. It’s unclear how he feels about this kind of attention – on one hand it must be quite flattering, and he certainly takes opportunities to pose for various magazine covers, etc. On the other hand, I’d guess it must feel a bit awkward or demeaning. The guy is a stellar athlete, has shown enormous commitment and perserverance to train, and yet people want to know about his genitals. Hmmm…. Continue Reading →

Michael Phelps’ penis makes news (and Facebook)

The image below (that I grabbed from this site) is one that is often used to illustrate Phelps’ body proportions. However, I wonder if he finds it awkward to have his penis on display like that, or if he’s used to it by now? Certainly most of us will never have a similar experience of having one’s genitals displayed publicly, even if just in outline form. Just curious. In fact, I was so curious about the extent to which anyone else was discussing the penis that is the elephant in the room, that I took my curiosity to Google. Continue Reading →

The superhuman body of Michael Phelps – fascinating

I love stuff like this. NBC has broken down the anatomy of Michael Phelps and how everything from his wingspan to his foot size to the proportions of his legs and torso give him a competitive edge in swimming. See the video here. According to them, a typical workout for Phelps burns about 4000 (!) – yes, FOUR THOUSAND – calories. Consider that next time you finish your 300 calorie workout on the treadmill! Continue Reading →