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Your Period: Interesting Facts and Word Origins

Random facts interest me (it’s part of why I adore the magazine Mental Floss), so a list of 68 facts about menstruation is totally up my alley. I especially appreciate that the list includes citation for all of the facts given. While not all women have periods (and not all women have vaginas), the eighth fact on the list is that women who live in modern industrialized places will have, on average, 450 menstrual cycles in her life time – which I would have never guessed. And, women in prehistoric times only had around 50 periods (this is courtesy of Vaginas: An Owner’s Manual). Those who know me well, know that I love hearing about the origins of words. Continue Reading →

Why I <3 Menstrual Cups

While I was setting up for a women’s health workshop, unpacking the contents of my favorite red carry-on suitcase, an early arrival approached me and asked, “What on Earth are those?” She was referring to the rainbow of menstrual cup demos I had lined up on the table. “How many people actually use those?” Since I hang out with a lot of sex ed-types, my perception is “a lot.” I’d estimate that well over half of the women with whom I talk about menstruation use one. Continue Reading →

Sex Ed From Disney

Disney’s animated short film The Story of Menstruation is one of those fascinating cultural relics that makes you alternate between curious and confused. It’s really gender normative, but good on them for not telling girls to limit their activities while menstruating, I guess? Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

My Skewed Vision of the World

Last week I came across this uterus-themed pinata on etsy (above) and thought it was pretty neat. I do, after all, own several vulva puppets and uterus dolls. A couple of days later I received an email from a friend – who had no idea I had come across the uterus pinata on etsy – sending me a link to the someecards blog on which they mock it. “Sure, it costs a whopping $140,” they write, “but inside every enormous paper maché uterus are Bliss dark chocolates, Hershey’s kisses, and tampons. Bat and crankiness sold separately.” Continue Reading →

What to Wear for Your Next Period: Period Panties

Many women reserve their ratty granny panties for that time of the month in fear of ruining a perfectly good pair of panties. Plus, many of us don’t feel all that sexy especially during the first couple days when we’re bloated and crampy. Well there’s now a new type of panty out there just for that time of the month called Period Panties. Continue Reading →

The TSA’s Impact On Bodies, Sexual And Otherwise

The recent change in TSA regulations, requiring passengers chosen at random to either undergo scanning in a dubiously safe backscatter machine, or getting invasively full-body searched, has stirred up many issues related to sexuality, bodies, and personal boundaries. The TSA has released statements about the new backscatter machine, which according to them does not provide a full-nude scan of the passenger as believed by many. Nor are the images saved, but rather deleted immediately by employees. Others have contested this claim, however, asserting that there is not enough oversight to ensure that the images are always deleted, or do not contain or portray personal identifying features. There are also health concerns, as the backscatter machines are thought to emit unhealthy levels of radiation–or levels that might be healthy for a normal person, but potentially dangerous for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Continue Reading →

Sea Sponges, Diva Cups, The Keeper- Oh My!

Okay, I’ll admit it. My sexual health education group is a little bit obsessed with menstruation. Not in a creepy way, we just love informing everyone on campus about exactly what is happening down south during that time of the month. Along with the hormonal mumbo jumbo, we also like to talk about menstrual alternatives. Here are some fun facts to get started: Continue Reading →