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Tyra countdown: TOMORROW

Tune in to The Tyra Banks Show tomorrow (Monday) to hear Tyra and I talk about "What’s up down there" - including what to Perez Hilton is comedy (can’t blame him really) and to me is a great and totally fun opportunity to teach women about their bodies using my Wondrous Vulva Puppet. The above image is from a screen shot I took from Tyra’s site during her preview for the show – gotta love when she does the "eye pop" as she talks about Down There. See the full preview for the show here. 

If you’re a woman who is experiencing vaginal or vulvar (external genital) pain, and you’d like more information or support, contact The National Vulvodynia Assocation. Continue Reading →

On PEREZ!!!!!!!!!! Cool.

As some of you know, I have a thing for celebrity gossip and a history of checking Today a former star student (also known for the fact that he once introduced me to 80s pop star "I think we’re alone now" Tiffany), Ronnie Houchin, posted a Facebook note about how Perez posted Tyra’s press release about Monday’s upcoming vagina show and how I am on it teaching about vaginas. I was totally surprised and had a good laugh at it, shot Perez a quick thank-you email, and then took off for a meeting. Though the press release mistakenly referred to me as a gynecologist (I have a PhD, not a MD), I love that Perez highlighted the bit about the vagina/vulva puppet I use on Tyra’s show to teach about our down there parts. Continue Reading →

Talking vajayjays with Tyra

Okay, I’ve been holding out. Last month, as some of my friends and colleagues know, I taped an episode of The Tyra Banks Show in NYC. This wasn’t just any episode, either – it was an episode about one of my favorite topics: the vagina and vulva. This episode, titled "What’s Up Down There?" will air on Monday November 5. Check your local listings or this part of her site to see when it airs in your city. Continue Reading →

MSP Quote of the day


"What we add here is that, ‘OK, being married is in general good, but be careful about the kind of person you have married.’ The quality of the relationship matters." – Roberto DeVogli, University College in London in an article found on This quote comes in the context of a study I told you about recently that showed that married women -  more so than married men – may suffer heart problems and that this may be particularly true for women who stay quiet during arguments and who don’t voice their concerns with their partners. The above quote, however, is another oversimplification of what this all means. It does not mean that women (or men) are necessarily choosing the wrong partners – or that there are certain people who should not be married or in long term relationships. Instead, I’d encourage people to seek out relationship skills that help you to work with and live with and love the person you’ve chosen to be with. Continue Reading →

Frisky friends

The Indiana Daily Student recently published an article about some of the pros and cons about friends with benefits (FWB) and quoted me and a few other campus-connected experts. One well known and respected campus counselor, Nancy Stockton, expressed the concern that FWB situations can Continue Reading →

So you think you know a thing or two about break-ups? Yeah, me too.

Writer and MySpace friend Tabari McCoy asked for my thoughts on break-up dos and don’ts for an article he put together for CiN Weekly. You can find the original article here or read the full text that I re-posted after the jump. The Break-Up movie (image above), by the way, is – I think – reflects some of the more heartbreaking realities of a relationship that falls apart and that probably could have been salvaged at many points along the way. Reasons, of course, to do sex & relationship homework, eh? Continue Reading →

Designer vagina surgeries for tighter vaginas, smaller labia and more

Check news stands for the recent issue of SELF magazine in which I, along with a few folks, discuss the controversies around “designer vagina” cosmetic surgeries. As you may know, laser vaginal rejuvenation is an increasingly common (but still relatively rare) surgery intended to reduce the size of the vagina, thus helping women to potentially feel more sensation during sex. Labia minora reduction (also called labiaplasty) is intended to reduce the size of the labia minora via the use of lasers. As little research has been conducted on these surgeries, if you are considering having either done, I would strongly encourage you to make an appointment with a trained healthcare provider (such as a gynecologist or plastic surgeon) who has done a large number of these surgeries, and is willing to provide you with references. Also, if you are considering them, check in with your own healthcare provider for his or her thoughts on how these surgeries may or may not be beneficial for you as again, we lack good long-term safety data on the surgeries at the moment. Continue Reading →

Sex Myths in Glamour

My first ever Glamour article! I had such fun thinking and writing about sex myths for the October issue of Glamour magazine (on news stands now). Living in the UK, Greece, Hungary or Spain? Keep your eyes on news stands to learn more about sex myths related to pregnancy, masturbating when you’re single, oral sex and men faking orgasm (!). Thanks to Sunny Gold and Ron Geraci for their editorial direction and insight. Continue Reading →