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Best of Sex Advice

This is a great line: "Even if you do have a doctor, it can be embarrassing to tell them that there is something wrong with your wiener or ask them about the unexpected discharge, so asking the entire world through the forum of a newspaper or website is pretty your best course of action."
And it’s a prelude to Fleshbot’s Best of Sex Advice which they have not done awhile but which seems to be back! And my In&Out column made the cut again, this time for a guy who wants to do a little "experiment" with a penis pump and keep me posted on his results. Read the original post from Fleshbot here. Continue Reading →

Feb 1 – Chicago. Come on out.

I just found this blurb online about an upcoming event I’ll be helping to co-host – if you’re in the Chicago area, please drop by! Burlesque is involved. —-
February at the MCA begins with a First Friday’s Burlesque Star theme. Guests can send messages to one another via the Digital Love Post Office; make Valentines at the Creation Station; and view a sneak peek of “Bubble-Rama,” a comedic short film shot in Chicago. Time Out Chicago’s sex columnist, Debby Herbenick, author of their weekly “In & Out” column, answers questions guests may have. Continue Reading →

Old and “unpalatable” – really?

Even bad press is good press, but still – why are vulva puppets "unpalatable"? I believe that learning about sexual health is important and that vulvas and penises (even in puppet form) are definitely "palatable." People learn in different ways and sometimes using fun props are a good way to teach people about their health. Read the full article by Joanne Weintraub of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the mention about my puppet-bearing appearance, on this web site. Continue Reading →

IDS friends with benefits article

Several months ago I was interviewed for an article about friends with benefits for Indiana University’s IDS (the student newspaper). You can read the full article – and a few of my own and others’ thoughts on the topic – on their web site here. Generally speaking, I think that women and men can learn about relationships and sexuality from a wide range of relationship types – e.g., friends, family, committed romantic partners and yes, even friends with benefits. That said, I think it’s important to keep in mind what you want in life. If you are aiming for a committed monogamous relationship with someone who is totally in love with you, then a friends with benefits situation might not be the easiest, most pleasurable or skill-building pathway to that. Continue Reading →

Back on The Soup

For the day I took my vulva puppet on the Tyra Banks Show. Thanks to Joel McHale for the shout-out. Watch the episode of the Soup here. Here are some still images from the Soup – first, me with the puppet.  
Then, the Wondrous Vulva Puppet side-by-side with Bert and Ernie (you’ll have to watch the Soup to get the joke). Continue Reading →

Adventure dating


Here’s the video clip from The Today Show episode where I (very briefly) talked about adventure dating. Featured is Chicago-based Meet Market Adventures. See the full clip here. There I am (above) talking about adventure dating and (below) is a woman who did skydiving as part of her adventure date. To learn more about adventure dating and Meet Market Adventures, click here. Continue Reading →

Tune in!

Tomorrow (Monday) I will be on The Today Show talking about adventure dating. Thanks go to Eva Penar (Time Out Chicago), Rachel Burstein (NBC) and Bridget Nurre (NBC) for the opportunity. On Monday night, I will be speaking with Diana Cage on Sirius Satellite OutQ about all things vulva and what we women need to know about our bodies. Continue Reading →