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Media Misrepresentation – Where Are The Boys?

I recently introduced the 2011 documentary Miss Representation to the 12th grade Health and Wellness class I teach. The film touches upon (well, hammers, really) some themes that are near and dear to my young feminist heart: objectification, media representation, gender stereotypes, and the like. As I expected, they ate it up. Each new disturbing infographic that flashed over the screen garnered a heavier sigh, a snarkier chortle. And with good reason. Continue Reading →

Media And Your Love Life

The other afternoon I decided to take a breather from studying  and break for lunch. As I’m enjoying my lunch and flipping through the channels - I stumble upon an episode of “VH1 News Presents: Celebrity Cheaters”. The next thing you know my 20 minute break turns into an hour long obsession with this show, and once the program came to an end – I found myself feeling completely paranoid. Continue Reading →

From the archives: how housework and sex are related

Here’s a clip from an old – but still true and relevant! – Men’s Health piece that I was interviewed for. Guys – if this doesn’t encourage you to reach for the vaccuum, I don’t know what will. The bottom line, of course, is that partners in life often end up being good partners in bed. Chip in and support each other as you can. Continue Reading →

When it is okay (or not okay) to be naked around your children?

Some time ago I was interviewed for an article about how different parents handle the issue of letting their children see them naked. As you know, there’s quite a diversity even with American culture. Some families are very comfortable with the naked human body and parents and children of all ages may walk around inside the home naked. The Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell family (including daughter Kate Hudson) have been open about their comfort with nudity, for example. But not all families are comfortable with family nudity – and some are, but only under certain circumstances (like boys seeing their dad naked or girls seeing their mom naked). Continue Reading →

Extended use birth control pills (e.g., skipping your period)

Recently I was interviewed for an article which just came out called "Period Peace" for the Louisville Courier-Journal written by the C-J’s Darla Carter. The article deals with how extended-use pills (like Seasonale and Lybrel) work to suppress women’s periods, safety issues, concerns about spotting and light bleeding, concerns about  mood swings, and more and quotes from several doctors and sex educators are highlighted. You can read the full article here. Continue Reading →

My tips in Best Life magazine

In the February issue of Best Life magazine, I advise men on how to respond to a wife/girlfriend/partner who says she wants to boycott Valentine’s day (okay, they said "wife" because husbands are Best Life’s demographic, but I’m adding girlfriend/partner). I actually did these interview for Best Life months and months and months ago. Magazines prepare for issues very far in advance. Right now, many are working on their June issues already! You can read my thoughts and poke around the Best Life web site here. Continue Reading →