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Sex In The Media Affecting Teens How?

Research from Dartmouth suggests that teens who are “exposed to more sex on screen in popular films are likely to have sexual relations with more people and without using condoms.” Jezebel suggests that instead of parents trying to keep sex out of the Netflix queue, “talking to teens about sex (or, more appropriately, how ridiculous movie sex really is) [would] go a long way toward mitigating the danger that those teens would forgo condoms.” Obviously obviously obviously (I can’t say this enough) having universal, comprehensive, and truthful sex education is essential for helping young people make informed decisions (as studies from Europe and elsewhere have proven). However, I’m going to veer into confession territory and explain why I don’t think that sex in the media is inherently a bad thing. When I was growing up, my mom explained that she’d rather we see movies with sex than movies with violence. Continue Reading →

Resources On Asexuality

We’ve touched on asexuality here at MSP before; Dr. Debby has linked to a Salon article on the topic, and I’ve linked to a blog post explaining some of the basics. Now, however, there’s even more stir in the media, thanks to a recent episode of House, MD that featured asexuality… in an overly medicalized, stigmatizing way. To combat negative stereotypes of asexuality, check out this Feministe post on where asexuality and sex-positive feminism can, and should, overlap. It’s an interesting topic, and one that I think people should educate themselves on, regardless of their orientation. Continue Reading →