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Masturbation Sleeves: More Cushion for Your Pushin’

Masturbation sleeves are another term for “pocket pussies” – basically, squishy cylinders that men can insert their penis in and masturbate. You can do that and so much more with a masturbation sleeve, making them a fun surprise gift for boyfriends and husbands. Here are a few things you might want to know about masturbation sleeves:

- Some sleeves have one opening (more like a vagina in the sense that a man’s penis can only go so far before he “hits” something on the other end) whereas others have an opening on each end. Dual opening sleeves are ideal for men with a longer than average penis and they are also well-suited for couples who want to put the sleeve on a man’s penis, push it down toward the base and then hop on top for intercourse. – They come in different designs so that men can insert their penis into what looks like a vagina, anus, mouth or random objects (flowers, etc). Continue Reading →