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Fund a Start Up Instead of Buying Wedding Registry Frying Pans

Meet Drue and Svetlozar. They’re planning to get married on August 29 (less than a week away!) in California. Like many engaged couples, they have a wedding registry. Unlike many engaged couples, they aren’t asking for frying pans, spatulas, towels, sheets or to complete their china pattern. Neither are they asking you to save the world by donating to a green cause or planting a seedling in your backyard in celebration of their love. Continue Reading →

Overheard at 2Amys in Georgetown

To paraphrase a conversation I heard between two 30-ish women at the Georgetown 2Amys a week ago:

Woman 1: Like a lot of the girls I grew up with, I grew up wanting to marry a wealthy man to take care of me. But unlike a lot of my friends, I feel like I need to wake up with a purpose and do something. Woman 2: So you’re saying you want a part time job? Or to volunteer? W1: Yeah, maybe. Continue Reading →