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Tie The Knot: Marathon Style

In light of all the wasted coverage on Kim Kardashian’s pathetic attempt at marriage — I thought it may be beneficial to report on an actual, inspirational wedding (you know, one that isn’t for publicity/lasts longer than 70-something days). This past Sunday, during the New York City marathon, a couple from Texas tied the knot (while running) at mile 22 of the 26.2 mile race. The couple (Mary Martin and Raymond Donaldson) apparently met running; therefore – according to the bride - a ceremony during the race only seemed fitting. The two found a minister, one who just so happens to be a triathlete, to run the race with them in order to serve as the couples’ officiant. [Check out the video here!] Thus at mile 22, as the couples’ friends and family watched from the sidelines, the two exchanged rings and ran off to live happily ever after (literately…they had to run off together, there were still about 4 miles left of the race!). Continue Reading →

A Little Tenderness Goes A Long Way

A new study conducted by researchers at The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University is one of the first of its kind “to examine sexual and relationship parameters of middle-aged or older couples in committed, long-term relationships.” As they put it, “Research efforts to understand the place of sexuality in human lives rarely involves intact couples in ongoing relationships.” Researchers studied over 1,000 couples from different countries that had been together for an average length of 25 years. The study indicates that men are more likely to report increasing relationship satisfaction over time, while women are more likely to report increasing sexual satisfaction over time. Overall health was also important, as the study showed that men who were in good health were more likely to report higher levels of relationship happiness. Continue Reading →

Romantic Love, Marital Monogamy, And Swinging

I was lucky enough to attend a lecture at the Kinsey Institute recently, titled “The Tyranny of Two: Are Love and Non-Monogamy Incompatible?” by Curtis R. Bergstrand. What follows is a summary of my hastily-penned notes, which I think are interesting regardless of one’s engagement in swinging, and which are also mostly a plug for Bergstrand’s book Swinging in America: Love, Sex, and Marriage in the 21st Century (because we only really skimmed the surface of Bergstrand’s research in the presentation, and I definitely wanted to know more by the end!). Continue Reading →

Love, Death & Love Notes: Danny & Annie on StoryCorps

Thanks go to the wonderful Amanda who knows how much I enjoy love stories and who kindly sent me a link to this animated StoryCorps video. It’s about a 27 year marriage, and a lot of love, between two Danny and Annie who lived together in Brooklyn. Warning: soppy tearjerker ahead. I cried and cried even though it’s only a few minutes long. Well worth it. Continue Reading →

Marriage Proposals Under Pressure

During my first trip to Sydney, I got to check one off the bucket list when I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They give you these jumpsuits to wear, complete with a utility belt and mechanical ball that connects you the entire trip to thick metal rope that goes all the way up the bridge. The guide instructs you on how to use these things and the whole group linked together for about 3 hours. Continue Reading →

Q&A: Why Does He Let The Dog Watch Us Having Sex?

I get mad because my partner wants to let the dog stay in the room during sex.  He minds his own business, but still! There’s a difference between him being okay that the dog is in the room during sex and actually wanting the dog to be in the room during sex. I’m assuming he’s just cool with it, right? I mean, he doesn’t actually go and get the dog and bring him or her into the room when you have sex, right? Because that’s a whole separate issue. Continue Reading →

Q&A: Making Time For Sex

Our busy schedules are putting a damper on our sex lives.  How do we make it work? Sex cannot always be “the” priority but if you want to keep the passion alive, you have to make it “a” priority. Building your career is an important and worthy goal. Not only does work bring home a paycheck but it also likely helps you both to feel challenged and intellectually stimulated. That said, sex and your relationship need to be important too. Continue Reading →

So Your Husband Has a Virtual Girlfriend? And She’s Not Real? Hmmm…

Check out this interesting interview by Lisa Katayama with a man – who, for a short time, courted a high school aged anime character – and his wife who is all “ooooookay… as long as he doesn’t spend way too much time doing that”-ish. Love the humanity of it all and this very common-sense way that the couple responds. Continue Reading →