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Treat Yourself For Valentine’s Day

Instead of a list of some (probably great) gift ideas for a special sweetie or a post about trying to not feel lonely this Valentine’s Day, why not consider spending some quality time with one of the best people in your life – you! Spend a half an hour spoiling yourself or a whole day. So many people i know spend hours a day trying to please everyone around them that they don’t take time for themselves. This Valentine’s Day, I urge you to take some quality time out for you. Think about what makes you feel nice and appreciate yourself – whether it’s a nice bath while reading a magazine, eating crackers in bed, or even some self loving. Continue Reading →

MSP Holiday Gift Suggestion #1: Slankets are a “gift of love”

One cold, snowy Valentine’s Day, a big box arrived at my house. It was from someone who "liked" me at the time (the love, apparently came later). But in the mean time, I had A GIFT! Which was particularly interesting since it was a relatively new relationship… and it hadn’t been terribly long since I had been in a previous relationship (the same was true for him)… Continue Reading →