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Leaked: Lohan’s Playboy Cover

Quick poll:I’d love to know who is/is not in favor of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover. Online Screen Grab
Apparently the Lohan-cover debut was suppose to be next week, yet somehow the shot was leaked to the web nearly a week early. Typically I am not one to jump aboard the Lohan gossip train, but when I overheard people classifying her as “the modern day Darine Stern” – I simply had to put my foot down. Yes, back in the day when she was healthy (and preferably not a blond), I could definitely see how Lohan could be considered a knockout. But to put her (especially her in present day) in the same category as Darine Stern, the first African-American model to ever grace the front of the magazine, that just seems crazy. Continue Reading →