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Kissing As Protest

two women kissing

Kissing is one of my favorite things ever. A good make out session can make me feel like a giggly teenager, with butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Kissing can have lots of positive effects, but I hadn’t ever thought of using kissing as a form of protest. Sure, I’ve heard of sit-ins, but a kiss-in? My friend Kelli sent me a link to an article about people participating in same sex kiss-ins to protest Chick-Fil-A. Continue Reading →

LGBT Rights In Russia

I haven’t seen a lot in the US news about this, but since I’m currently living in Estonia–which used to be occupied by the Soviet Union–I guess I’m in a better position to hear about Russian news. Basically, in November voters were supposed to weigh in on a new law that would criminalize free speech for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans people. As Amnesty International reports, the law would allow authorities to fine “public actions aimed at propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality, and transgenderism among minors.” The ambiguous phrasing makes it unclear just what a “public action” is, leading the activists at All Out to ask for signatures to show support for freedom of speech for gays, lesbians, and other queer folks in Russia. The problems of not being allowed to freely speak about one’s sexual identity are myriad. Continue Reading →

Writing Gay Characters In Young Adult Fiction

Recently, bloggers in the young adult fiction and sci-fi/fantasy writing communities have been spreading the word about the lack of gay characters in young adult fiction–which appears to be deliberate, based on the actions of many agents and publishers in the field. Two published and respected authors, Rachel Manija Brown and Josepha Sherman, were asked by an agent to make a gay character straight, or else remove all references to his sexuality. Brown and Sherman refused, pointing out:

We wrote this novel so that the teenagers we know—some of whom are gay, and many of whom are not white—would be able, for once, to read a fun post-apocalyptic adventure in which they are the heroes. And we were told that such a thing could not be allowed. Other authors have pointed out the problems of writing worlds in which only straight, often white folks get the spotlight. Continue Reading →

Former Sex Worker Removed from Job as School Teacher Following Huffington Post Piece

Melissa Petro, an elementary school teacher at Bronx school PS 70 and publicly out former sex worker, was recently reassigned from her teaching position to administrative duty “pending investigation,” following her recent Huffington Post article on the shutdown of CraigsList and her own experiences briefly using the site as a prostitute. In the article, Petro uses her real name and is open regarding her past sex work. Continue Reading →