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How to last longer during sex: Do cock rings work?

Having worked in the field of sexuality research and education for more than 10 years, an enormous number of men have asked me questions about how to last longer during sexual intercourse (usually, vaginal intercourse). Some of these men find it difficult to last more than 30 seconds or a minute or two no matter what they try and their situation would likely fit the description of what some call “premature ejaculation” or “rapid ejaculation”. Other times, men may believe that they aren’t lasting long enough during sex when, in fact, they are lasting a fair amount of time – say, 10 or 15 minutes during intercourse – before they ejaculate or orgasm (ejaculation and orgasm are not one in the same, by the way, though usually they coincide, so for the sake of this post we’ll treat them as occurring at the same time). Stop-start and squeeze techniques (first practiced during masturbation, then sometimes carried over into partnered sex) are commonly recommended to men who wish to learn to delay their ejaculation (last longer during sex). Some research in recent years suggest that, for some men, there may be an inherited/genetic propensity toward premature ejaculation. Continue Reading →