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Labia Modification in Mozambique and Australia

In the last month, I’ve heard a couple of anecdotes about changing labial length that I found intriguing. In the workshops I teach on sexual anatomy and physiology, I always like to mention that the length of labia minora varies and that longer labial length has no correlation with sexual experience (a myth I’ve been asked about previously). One of my favorite quotes about natural labia length comes from sex educator Becca Brewer, who said in one of her workshops that “labia minora are like sisters, not twins,” meaning that it’s completely normal for them to not be identical. After a recent workshop I taught, a colleague of mine shared with me that in Mozambique (her home country), women are taught before they get married to lengthen their labia minora. She described how women will gently stretch their labia minora in the hopes of making it longer and better able to “wrap around the penis” and increase both partners’ sensation. Continue Reading →

Surgery down where? Cosmetic surgery on women’s vaginas and vulvas


In recent years, cosmetic surgery on women’s genitals has been increasingly marketed and made available by doctors around the world. These include a vaginal tightening procedure and labiaplasty (a procedure used to reduce the size of the labia minora/inner vaginal lips). A difficult thing about these procedures is that there are very little published data about them. If you want cosmetic surgery on your nose, breasts, stomach or thighs you can information about safety and effectiveness. Not so much with the female genital cosmetic surgeries which has prompted critical pieces in SELF magazine, The New York Times (in 2004 and 2007), and the San Francisco Chronicle, among others. Continue Reading →

Designer vagina surgeries for tighter vaginas, smaller labia and more

Check news stands for the recent issue of SELF magazine in which I, along with a few folks, discuss the controversies around “designer vagina” cosmetic surgeries. As you may know, laser vaginal rejuvenation is an increasingly common (but still relatively rare) surgery intended to reduce the size of the vagina, thus helping women to potentially feel more sensation during sex. Labia minora reduction (also called labiaplasty) is intended to reduce the size of the labia minora via the use of lasers. As little research has been conducted on these surgeries, if you are considering having either done, I would strongly encourage you to make an appointment with a trained healthcare provider (such as a gynecologist or plastic surgeon) who has done a large number of these surgeries, and is willing to provide you with references. Also, if you are considering them, check in with your own healthcare provider for his or her thoughts on how these surgeries may or may not be beneficial for you as again, we lack good long-term safety data on the surgeries at the moment. Continue Reading →