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Sex On The Brain: Royal Family Incest, Labia Lift, Muffia & their Merkins, Sexy Book of Sex, Our Bodies Our Junk & More

- National Geographic explores incest within Royal Families
- The Guardian takes a look at the Muffia performance artists, who reveal their merkin-clad (over their undies and/or body stockings)
- Love the title of this new book: Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk and looking forward to reading it. – You can listen to an audio interview with me about birth control pills. It’s on the Medill School of Journalism’s web site. – This adorable dress would be perfect for a romantic picnic in the park. I’m thinking of getting it (just wish it had pockets!)
- My friend, Rama, told me about The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex which looks like a must-read. Continue Reading →